Monday, October 15, 2012

how advertising works on me

Over the weekend, I see an ad in a magazine for Baby Lips lip balm by maybelline.

I am relieved, because I now have a perfectly good reason why I should get my groceries from Target FIRST thing Monday morning.

I go to Target and see the new highly acclaimed product, and it's a whopping $2.99. I am thrilled that this newly advertised gem is so affordable.

I choose pink punch.

I wear it. 

And, I am happy.

That is the story of how (easily) advertising works on me.

Happy Monday!



Manda said...

So does it work? I was thinking of buying it as well. So many ads on tv! I wasn't quite sure if it would be worth it!

Sylvia C. Hall said...

Hey Manda,
For only $3, I have no regrets, but I don't think it really lived up to the promise of moisture. The color is really rich and pretty, though.